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FUNKY YOGA Essentials

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Improve your practice and get the best results with the perfect FUNKY YOGA Kid Essentials. 

Are you new to yoga or been practicing for a while?. Keep reading for the top 4 yoga essentials to improve your practice.

"At its very core, yoga is about connecting the mind and body. You can "do" yoga without any equipment at all. Even sitting and breathing mindfully as you quiet the mind is a form of yoga. That said, when you do a yoga YouTube video or having an awesome yoga class is easier and more comfortable when you have the proper tools at your disposal."

These 4 must-have yoga essentials will see you through and set you up for success!

                        YOGA ESSENTIALS

STRAP: Deepen your stretches and hold poses longer with assistance. Introducing the new Funky Yoga product to include in your practice. This unique 8 foot yoga strap is of premium strong quality and eco-concious. 

YOGA MAT: Our New Eco Yoga Mat is our most popular mat!  At 1/4 in thick and weighing less than 2.2 lbs. Extra thick, extra long for more comfort and less repositioning during exercise.

It is thick and spongy enough for a great camel pose or a pleasant savasana while still being supportive enough for a high-intensity vinyasa flow! This mat is best for engineers and intermediate student with varied practices as well as those who may have minor aches and pains  —Has a unique non-slip texture, is lightweight enough for traveling with it and is made of 100% recyclable TPE rubber. 

BOTTLE OF WATER: This stainless steel "Namaste" water bottle was created to infuse your water with this sacred salutation, as the molecular structure of water changes when we speak good intentions into it (see the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto). Fill the "Namaste" bottle with 26 ounces (780 ml) of water or your liquid of choice.  

BLOCK: Yoga blocks are props that are used to provide flexibility, support, and balance to the beginners during the practice so they can concentrate and effortlessly perform all poses. 

Recyclable Foam Yoga Blocks combine our eco-friendly EVA foam with recycled polyethylene film, a mulch material used in agriculture. Slightly harder than our regular foam yoga blocks, these blocks combine stability with sustainability.

These essentials can all fit into a Organic Canvas Tote Bag with ease, making it possible to do yoga anywhere. Get all of your yoga needs at our shop: .

Namaste friends. 

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