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Easy Steps to For Immediate Happiness

Namaste Funky Yogis! Yoga Man Dan here with this week's Funky Blog, all about happiness! 

Happiness does not come easy. It takes time, dedication, and consistency. The good news is although it does not come easy, the steps to get there are! Here are some steps I recommend to be a more happy person living a more fulfilled life.


1. Being Aware



You have to know where you are to know where you are going. It begins with opening your eyes and being aware of the world & people you surround yourself with. Take a step back and look at who benefits you, and who does not. Which habits benefit you, and those that do not. Being aware of what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy is the crucial first step to achieve happiness.


2. Meditate



Meditation is widely recognized as an amazingly beneficial habit that brings calmness & happiness to those who practice it. The longer you meditate, the more benefits & realizations will come. However, you don't have to practice for hours a day to see these benefits. Even a small 5 minute daily meditation can make a drastic impact on your happiness and well-being.


3. Yoga



Similar to meditation, yoga provides infinite physical and mental health benefits, and it does not have to be practiced for hours a day. A short 10 minute daily sun salutation is a great start to incorporating a serious daily yoga practice into your schedule. Yoga cleanses the body of toxins and clears the mind, inevitably leading to happiness.


4. Diet



Although I am a huge advocate for the vegan diet, I wasn't always a vegan. It took me nearly a year before I could go without meat & dairy comfortable and lose the cravings. But it all started with a small step that you can take today. Cut out the obviously bad foods such as fast food, processed food-like product, or candy. Then, move to pork. After that red meat, then bird meat, and finally dairy. Take your time with it; it is not a race. The key is consistency.


Small steps lead to leaps and bounds. These small steps will add leaps and bounds to your happiness and over-all well being, I promise.



Thanks for reading yogis! Have a great week and remember; wherever you are, practice! 

Yoga Man Dan


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  • Sheree on

    This is awesome! Thank you! Namaste! 🙏🏻

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