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The Yogi Home-Pack is a great way to make your home more yogi-centric for the holidays and beyond. It’s also the perfect gift for yogi friends and family. It includes the Namaste recycled coir fiber doormat as well as the 16x16” Namaste art. This Home-Pack saves you money if you don’t need the frame, and it’s perfect for those who already have a 16”x16” frame waiting for some beautiful art to fill it. You will still get two of our giant ceramic mugs and our OM glass water bottle, great for yogis who need their water at the ready. This Yogi Home-Pack makes a great gift and you save money on each item when you buy the bundle.


1 - 20x30” recycled door mat

1 - 16x16” unframed canvas Namaste art

2 - 18oz giant ceramic mugs

1 - OM glass swing-top bottle

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