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About this Mala:

108 8mm real Rudraksha beads, knotted between each, that are slightly rough to the touch with 5 subtle, undefined facets or Mukhi, finished with a red tassel. Imported.

Our Rudraksha Malas natural seeds from an Indian or Indonesian Himalayan Rudraksha Tree. These are usually used for wrathful practices as Shiva and Rudra is associated with the third cycle of destruction, the circle of birth, sustaining and ending, and is particularly potent for peace in times of war.

About Rudraksha:

Rudraksha seeds are from an evergreen tree, genus Elaeocarpus, and are used to make malas in Hinduism. The name comes from Sanskrit, “Rudra’s eyes.” This traditional style represents Lord Shiva/Rudra himself. Legend says that Shiva awoke after a thousand years of meditation and began to shed tears of worldly wise compassion, these tears crystallized into seeds and there grew the first Rudraksha tree.

Healing Properties:

Rudraksha: Creates a protection of your own energy, and shields the wearer from negative energies.


Complimentary Yoga Gift box included!


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