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* ECO-FRIENDLY - These Eco-Friendly Ladies Face Mask is a reusable, eco-friendly, and sustainable 2-ply mask made of 70% natural recycled materials.

* DESIGNED FOR SPORTS OR THE STREETS - The design of this mask is simple, yet works really well, is smaller than a regular mask so it does not look big on you but is big enough and so elastic that fits super well and stays on during any activity.

* REUSABLE MASK - Protect nose and mouth from inhaling particles while out in the street. (This mask is not recommended for medical purposes).

* LIGHTWEIGHT SUPER SOFT VISCOSE FABRIC - They can be used comfortably during long shifts, in hot weather, during an aerobics, or yoga class, etc.

* LOW RESPIRATORY RESISTANCE - Helps you to breathe more comfortably, is 2-ply so it gives you protection without suffocating you.

* STRONG BUILT/ LAST 50 WASHES OR MORE - Secure stitching throughout the whole mask, with sturdy ear loops welded on each side.

* ELASTIC FABRIC - Each mask is made from a mixture of 95% Viscose, which is made from recycled wood pulp and 5% spandex which makes this mask the softest mask of the planet.

Note: This is a final sale ~ Can not be returned.

This mask is designed to not bother you while in the streets or working out. It fits everyone, except large faces.

This product ships immediately via USPS PRIORITY MAIL.  


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