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Loko Yogi’s Thai Fishermen Shorts are a great laid back and stylish look for guys. These shorts design incorporates an easy and comfy tie around the waist which makes them perfect for any activity or simply lounging around in the sun.
These are the most comfortable shorts that you will ever wear.

They are great for Yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi, Dance, Beach, the street or the house.

Color is Camo, One Size Fits All.  MADE IN USA

How to wear your Thai Shorts
Step 1. Step into the pants with the belt and label at the back
Step 2. Pull the excess fabric out at the right side of your body and fold back tight to the center near your belly button creating an angled crease along your leg
Step 3. Hold this in place and bring the ties round to the front and tie in a knot
Step 4. Fold-down the excess fabric over the tie and rock your Thai Shorts!



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