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3-Inch EKA Yoga Block


Yoga blocks are props that are used to provide flexibility, support and balance to the beginners during the practice so they can concentrate and effortlessly perform all poses. The slim 3-inch wide eka Yoga Block adjusts and corrects every pose; two blocks will expand performance capability even further. eka Yoga Block weighs only 2.8 oz. perfect portable size for yogi on the go.
< How to Use eka Yoga Blocks >

eka Yoga Blocks should be kept by the yoga mat for easy access during the practice, and use them as supporting props to stabilize the positions until you gain adequate flexibility and balance; you can stack blocks to adjust to any desired height (Low, Medium, High). Once you gain sufficient flexibility and balance for every pose, we recommend that you try to practice without blocks.


SIZE 6inch (150mm) x 9inch (230mm) x 3inch (80mm)
WEIGHT 80g (0.18lb)

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