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No more hassles, finally a really cool yoga bag that is easy to use. It fits any mat, as is larger than most bags. Carry all your yoga essentials to and from the studio in this roomy Funky Yoga Waterproof Yoga Tote Bag.

Our Element Yoga Bag is durable and stylish. They are made of recycled fabric using CYCLEPET created from post-consuming PET container flakes. PET [poly(ethylene) terephthalate] is mostly recognized in the finished product of the ubiquitous water bottle. It is also familiar in textiles containing polyester. Post-consumer waste PET is plentiful and is one of the easiest materials to recycle into future products. Through recycling PET, we save 20% of wastewater, 50% of energy, and 60% of air pollution compared with raw material from petroleum.    

   •    Velcro closures.
    •    Large Tote style mat bag.
    •    Printed Back and Front.
    •    Interior waterproof pocket.
    •    Two shoulder straps.
    •    Fits any size mat plus other essentials.
    •    Body: 100% Element Polyester Recycled Fabric.
    •    Style Features: Printed outside, inside pocket, waterproof
    •    Style Features: Printed outside, inside pocket, waterproof
    •    Velcro closure
    •    Dimensions: 32" L x 2" W x 10"


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