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34 oz Grateful Glass Round Bale Wire Bottle


Our Clear Glass Round Bale Wire OM Bottle with a Swing Top Cap w/ Food-Safe Rubber Seal, often known as Fido Bottles or Kilner Bottles are crafted in Italy by Bormioli Rocco and feature superior clarity and finish.

The OM symbol is a heavy-duty sticker that gives this bottle a great vibration thus changing the molecules of the water that you will drink. (See research from Dr. Masaru Emoto (
These bottles have a tall, slender shape that gives your product a simple and classic appeal. The swing top cap, (or lightning closure) is constructed of heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel wire and includes a polyethylene plastic stopper with a food safe rubber seal. These simple and elegant bottles will make your product stand out on the shelf. USDA Approved, Recyclable, Dishwasher safe, and FDA Approved.

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Material Type : Italian Glass
Description : GRATEFUL BOTTLE -BW1106-GD
Capacity : 34 oz (1000 ml)
Color : Clear Shape : Round Cap Style : Swing Top
Width : 3.5" Depth : 3.5" Height : 12" 

Om Symbol Color : Black Vinyl

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