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Get everything you need to become a yogi in one low-cost bundle—grab the On The Go Accessories Pack. It’s also a perfect gift for new yogis or for those who deserve some fresh accessories for the year ahead. This money-saving bundle includes a 72” Eco-Yoga Mat (free of toxic dioxins, furans or any other harmful substances), our 8-foot organic yoga strap (which assists you in deepening your stretches and holding poses longer), our 26-oz stainless steel water bottle, the Namaste bumper sticker and our very popular 30”x10” recycled yoga tote. If you’re one of the many people looking for the perfect holiday yoga gift, look no further than our On The Go Accessories Pack.


1 - Stainless steel water bottle

1 - 72” Eco-Yoga Mat

1 - Recycled notebook

1 - 8’ organic yoga strap

1 - 30x10” yoga tote

1 - Namaste number sticker

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