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How To Start Your Week Like a Yogi


Happy Monday!

Often mistaken as the most miserable day of the week, Monday should be every Yogi's favorite day! It's the chance to refresh yourself and become better than you were the week before. It is often joked that Monday is the worst day and everyone should dread its arrival. However, even joking about having a miserable day brings negative energy into your life. So, here are some ways to make Monday, and every day, better than the day before!


Wake Up Early

Some devotees wake up as early as 4 am every day. Although this may be extreme to some, it is not impossible. However, we live in Western society, and 4 am may be out of reach for some. I start my day at 6 am and feel great every day! That give me plenty of time to practice Sadhana [Daily Yoga Practice], check important emails, drink a tea, and spend time with my cat. The power of the morning is highly underestimated; take advantage of this wonderful time of day.


Begin Your Morning With 5 Minutes of Meditation

It may not seem like a long time, but it works wonders. Centering yourself first thing in the morning leads to a more centered day, resulting in a clear mindset and higher level of awareness. I recommend to meditate sitting up-right somewhere away from bed, so you're not tempted to crawl back in!


Follow That With Completing a Disliked Chore While Repeating Affirmations or Mantras

Having to do something that you don't look forward to all day leads to higher levels of stress throughout your day, and actually makes you less likely to do it when the time comes. Getting this unpleasant task out of the way relieves stress, and when you combine it with Positive Affirmations and/or Mantras, the results are incredible. I like to repeat the Gayatri Mantra, which has healing qualities and kick-starts my day into a positive mindset.

Practice Sadhana For An Hour

Of course, the obvious; Practice your Sadhana! For those of you unfamiliar, Sadhana is "Self-Practice"; it is the time of day where you have time with you and your practice. I practice Sadhana for about an hour each morning. Around 50 minutes of Asana Practice [Poses] followed by 10 minutes of Svasana [Lying down meditation]. 



Although yoga is exercise, it is always a bonus to weight train or run after a solid morning Sadhana. Your ligaments, joints, and muscles are loosened up, which lowers your risk of injury. I personally enjoy lifting weights because the strength I gain from weight lifting helps me build the strength to hold the advanced asanas for a longer time, assisting me to go deeper into my practice.


Optional: Intermittent Fasting

This is not for everybody, and you should consult your physician before beginning any of this. With that said, intermittent fasting has also dramatically increased my focus, energy, and fat burning throughout the day. I do not eat any solid food or juices for the first 5-6 hours of my day. Incorporate the exercise, yoga, and meditation with the fasting, and your mind & body will be as sharp as ever. I recommend drinking water with lemon, water with a shot of apple cider vinegar, and/or black coffee to curb your appetite.


There You Have It!

It is not easy to start your week like a yogi, but it is simple, and it is possible! Ever since I implemented these practices, my life and practice has increased dramatically. You can find all of the necessary yoga equipment needed on our online shop by clicking on this link:


What are your thoughts on starting your week like a Yogi? Let us know in the comments!


Thanks for reading. Namaste!

Dan the Yoga Man


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