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…they went flying off the hangers!

Can you please update me on what we have on back order and when it will be shipping. I need to order more….they went flying off the hangers!
:: Jen :: Uptown Yoga :: August 14, 2012

…I sold everything

I am ready for another Pick pack order for YogaOne. I sold everything. Please put together a nice package for me.
:: Albina :: yogaonehouston.com :: August 13, 2012

They are super cute!

Got the T’s. They are super cute! We loved them. Thank you! Peace.
:: Connie :: Parasutra Yoga  :: August 2, 2012

I LOVE them!!

The tees  came today and I LOVE them!! I will be getting more from you very soon! thank you!
:: Alessandra :: August 2, 2012

Thank you for the great shirts!!!

I have almost sold ALL of the t-shirts!!  :)  I also have a long list of special request.  I will need to place another order for women again soon.  In the meantime, my men are feeling so left out.  When can I expect their shirts to arrive?  Thank you for the great shirts!! 
:: Sandra Yoga One Charlotte :: July 12, 2012

…it is so beautiful!!
Oh Juliano- the tee arrived yesterday.  It is so beautiful!!   Well worth the wait.  Thank you & thank you for the adorable post cards.  I’ll definitely recommend funky yoga to my friends.  :)
:: Kelly :: July 5, 2012

…the quality was outstanding

My name is Monique and I just wore my first funky yoga tee. A friend of mine owns a yoga studio and ordered the shirts so of course I had to try this out! I am a yoga instructor and fitness professional and all around present-moment geek. I think the tank I wore today was not only soft and comfortable, but most of all I could tell right away that the quality was outstanding. With what I put my body and my clothes through everyday, this is super important!
:: Monique Claudio :: Holistic Health and Fitness Coach :: July 20, 2012

I love wearing your T-Shirts…

Thank you very much for your note.  I love wearing your T-shirts.  They’re beautiful and very comfortable.  I wear them every day.Have a great day.
:: Nora


It is perfect!!
I received my order today thank you so much.. It is perfect!! I loved the extra postcards. Thanks, will definitely be shopping again soon :)
:: Jessica Boblooch :: Founder/Designer :: Livalto Creative :: May 4, 2012

Thank you for the gorgeous shirts…

Thank you for the gorgeous shirts that arrived at Casa Yoga yesterday.  We love them!
:: Alli Flores :: www.casayoga.com

…half of all the shirts sold in one day

I need another Pick Pack!  As soon as I hung up the shirts, my instructors wiped out 1/3 of the inventory, and half of all of the shirts sold in one day.  Can you send me another?  Same general specs as before.  Thanks!
:: Kristin :: Yoga West

Your Tee Shirts are Selling Well…
Your Tee Shirts are selling well. We are sold out of the smaller sizes. We need to order more.
:: Jim Hurst :: One Love Yoga, LLC.


…Loved the shirts!

We ordered a pick pack recently and our students (and staff) loved the shirts!
:: Jessica Stephen :: Yoga for Everybody

I fell in love…
I fell in love with one of your tees at a yoga place in south miami. it was a tissue like tee that had an om symbol on the front and then these decorative wings on the back. of course it was the only color i really can’t wear! i also thought i saw on line somewhere that you had one with two very decorative hands together. i would like to purchase a bunch of different ones and didn’t know if you could do certain colors or what you had available. thanks!
:: Maria :: Miami, FL

…Love Your Clothing Line
I really love your clothing line. Do you have a yoga ambassador program like lulu lemon? Or do you highlight yoga our yoga community leaders?
:: Lisa Pumper :: lisapumper.com

…Yoga Shirts are a Hit
Your funky Yoga shirts are a hit…. we only need bigger sizes.  Please call me at my cell so we can talk about a larger order.
:: Nydia :: Yoga Therapy :: San Antonio :: August 15, 2011

…Completely loved it

Received product today… completely loved it.  I will see how it sells and get back to you.
:: Nydia :: Yoga Therapy :: San Antonio :: August 9, 2011

…Want to order more!!!

I have sold all the tanks I purchased not long ago and want to order more!!! I love some of the new additions to your 5-11 catalog. I want my logo on the t’s.
:: Janet :: Power Yoga Palm Springs :: June 9, 2011


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