About Funky Yoga

Funky Yoga
is an initiative of Juliano Echeverri, a former adventure traveller, naturalist, photographer and entrepeneur that spent his youth on the Islands of the Galapagos and the Amazonian jungle of South America.

Since a kid, Juliano developed drawing and writing skills that later he put in practice, when he designed his first collection of Galapagos products that included t-shirts, coffee mugs, travel bags, hats, posters, postcards and maps.

In the mid-nineties he moved to Florence, Italy to study painting, sculpting and design. There he designed a T-shirt line for an Italian Company featuring typical Italian topics such as animals, art, architecture and food. He also designed a collection of graphic watches for the famous brand of watches SWATCH located in Basel, Switzerland.

After spending 3 sabbatical years in Europe and Costa Rica, he moved to Florida and circa the end of 2004 created a successful t-shirt line call Funky Urban Klothes inspired by South Beach elements and its vibrant summer colors and diversity.

Juliano discovered yoga at the end of the year 2001, when he accidently entered a near-by studio looking for a friend . He did not find his friend but instead he found the typical peace, harmony and sense of sacredness that old fashion yoga studios (shalas) have. After that visit, he came back for a donation based community yoga class and fell in love with yoga.

During the last decade, Juliano became a yogaholic, thus coining this term circa 2007. He had the chance to practice almost every kind of yoga available in the USA and also studied to be a Yoga Teacher of a new modality called Skanda Yoga. Just before the end of the year 2009, he felt the need to express his passion for yoga and the holistic field by starting his yoga inspired t-shirt line called Funky Yoga. Since then, hundreds of people, studios and spas have enjoyed this fun line of garments.

His other project is called the Holistic Circle which is a non-profit project to introduce different holistic practices to communities through a series of events and workshops. He is currently leading satsangs, events and workshops in the Miami area. His ultimate goal with Funky Yoga is to promote and create awareness one t-shirt at at a time!

Funky Yoga is a clothing line that can be found in yoga studios, boutiques, spas and resorts throughout the United States and around the world. Their goal is to incorporate the yoga philosophy into fun and colorful designs. Funky Yoga is design by yogis for Yogis, Yoginis and yoga instructors and is designed for those who value practical, simple, comfortable clothing.

Funky Yoga use the best American and Peruvian cotton to make their garments on sweatshop-free ethical factories. Eco-friendly inks are used to print 95% of Funky Yoga garments and we reuse and recycle the most we can in our vertical facility.

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